Reboot {Follow Up}

Since I’ve starting reincorporating raw foods back into my diet, I’ve continued to feel pretty good. Yesterday we attended Monkey’s All School Meeting (pics to come), we had Girl Scouts and swim lessons and I was able to keep up.

Daddy started his 10 day reboot, seems to be feeling well, and has already lost 5lbs. How awesome is that?!

I have gained 1.5 lbs since I’ve started eating raw foods again, but it’s also almost my girlie time, so that was expected. ;) I’ve stuck with all raw foods, with the exception of baked sweet potatoes, and my salad had feta on it last night and I didn’t pick it off.

Other than that, lots of veggies and fruits. I’m still blending in the morning for breakfast, and I plan to stick with that long-term. I’m not really making meals yet – just having raw things here and there when I’m hungry.

I’m hoping to get more settled into meal planning over the next couple of days.

The Skinny:

I’m blending in the morning, and sometimes for dinner. Other than blending, I’m eating raw, whole, organic foods.

I feel pretty good, and have energy to get through my day. I’m tired at night, but not sleeping great – I wake up at night with sore hips.

Weight: 235.3 (total weight loss 13.7lbs)

I love you all more than my luggage.

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Reboot {Day 10}

I woke up ready to complete the challenge of the last day. Caterpillar had school, and Monkey had a playdate scheduled with her bestie. That left me to do a few things, and focus on finishing this part of my cleanse with a bang.

I broke my fast with a peppered tomato, and it was delish. After two roma tomatoes and a few of Daddy’s sweet potato fries I felt very full.

I got up this morning and I’m having a green smoothie to make sure take in my daily nutrients.

Daddy started his cleanse today, so I’m hoping to make lunch my raw food, then I’ll blend again at dinner time.

So far, feeling good, and the transition seems to be fine as far as my tummy is concerned.

The Skinny:

I ended the fast feeling well. I’m not 100% sure I’m ready to take on food challenges yet, but that’s why I have God in my corner. I’m relying heavily on His guidance at this point, because I know I am weak, and I know this is the point at which many people fail. I cannot be one of those people. My babies mean too much to me.

Weight: Ended the fast at 233.6. (15.4 lbs total weight loss)

I love you all more than my luggage.

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Reboot {Day 9}


I knew it would be a hard day. The kids woke us up super early to hunt for eggs and find out what the Easter Bunny left them. My sweet Monkey knows how we have all been working to get healthy, but her sweet tooth is still her favorite tooth, so this year she asked for a ‘healthier sometimes treat’. The Easter Bunny brought her yogurt covered raisins, books and a miniature Build-A-Bear. She was thrilled. It was nice not to feel obligated to include a bunch of sweets. How brain-washed am I that believe holidays revolve around sweet treats?

Daddy made breakfast and I took a quick nap before church. I blended my green smoothie on the way out of the door and enjoyed it during worship. The music was fantastic! Very uplifting, and just when I went to bed last night feeling totally burned out on the cleanse, God renewed me. Isn’t that what Easter is all about? Renewal. I love it.

We then headed to my sisters, Vitamix and fruits in tow. She made a delicious smelling dinner, and as tempted as I was, I knew it would not be a good way to break a fast. Spinach dip, cheesy potatoes, buttery beans, glazed ham and bread – such a yummy way to go … But I knew if I had even a taste at this stage, I’d be right back where I started or worse. I sat in the living room because I’m just too weak – I knew I’d cave with just a nibble. I am so thankful that everyone was so understanding. I could see a lot of people not getting it – especially since we come from an Italian-food-is-love kind of background.

We played a quick game while dessert was served and then we had to say our goodbyes. Caterpillar is back at school tomorrow, Daddy’s back at work and it’s Monkey’s last day of break – and my last fast day! It shall be a busy day, and I’m already wiped.

I hope you enjoyed the day with your loved ones!

The Skinny

I felt a little tired today, but not fatigued. I think the EB just stayed up too late, and got up too early. I felt bloated on my way home – bloat by association?!

Weight: 234.4 (14.6 lbs total weight loss)

I love you all more than my luggage.

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Reboot {Day 8}

Note to self: My next cleanse will be 7 days long.

It’s not that it has reached a point where I’m not succeeding on it, because I do continue to feel good. I’m just bored with veggie and fruit smoothies, which leads to me not making them because I’m completely uninspired … Which leads to me not eating at all. No bueno

While I appreciate that I won’t be eating actual food with the fam tomorrow, I am bummed that I won’t be breaking my fast tomorrow. The resurrection connection isn’t lost on me.

Other then that, it was a good day. I had lots of energy and I even tolerated the wind to watch Monkey ride her bike like a pro.

The Skinny:

I felt good today! Lots of energy, but a bit frustrated emotionally.

Weight: 235 (14lbs total weight loss)

I love you all more than my luggage.

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Good Friday

Our church does a Good Friday hike every year.  Everyone one is welcome to join them at 6:30am, where they meet, then hike to the top of The Rock, then pray over the entire valley.

Daddy and Monkey joined them this year, and I made Daddy carry my huge camera along.  Here’s my favorites that he captured (with my new lens … isn’t it pretty?!):



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