All School Meeting

Throughout the school year, Monkey’s school does All School Meetings, hosted by different classes.  This past week was Monkey’s turn to host, so we went and watched.  I still hate going to her school, but I know she hates it too, and she goes in every day, so we go whenever she asks.

Monkey had a chance to talk about the journal that is taken home every night by a different kiddo, and her page of writing was shown up on the big screen as an example of their writing progression.

She wanted to dress up that day, but sprung it on me at the last minute, and most of her dresses are fancy, so she ended up wearing shorts.  I felt a bit bad during the meeting because most of the girls had dresses on.  I hope she didn’t notice, but being as she usually doesn’t give a rip what she’s wearing, I’m guessing she probably did notice this time.

Without further ado, he’s a few from the day:

This next one cracks me up because Rafe, the little boy in the picture, is  known around these parts for being a little comedian.  I wonder what he said just before I snapped this … clearly they are up to no good.

Have I mentioned we are down to less than 30 days of school left?!

Monkey and I can’t wait to blow that popsicle stand.

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