Newborn Session : H Family {Sneak Peek}

I had the opportunity to capture baby N’s birth, and part of the reason I include a newborn session with the birth package is because once I’ve seen something like that, I’ve just gotta know how the family is getting along.  That’s right – it’s for completely selfish reasons.

Well, let me tell you, the H family is getting along wonderfully!

Baby N is a complete doll, and although he didn’t like everything I did today, he’s promised to forgive me. ;)

Thank you, once again, H family for allowing me to be a part of the most intimate times of your life.  I have absolutely loved working with your family, and I am looking forward to keeping in touch, but for now, let’s just look at adorable baby pictures, shall we?

hughen-newborn_bw_0392 (more…)

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H Family Birth Session {Sneak Peek}

2:17 am.  The phone rings, Daddy answers and Mama M asks for me.

Daddy (no so) nicely explained it was 2am.

Mama M explained she was in labor and everything the next hour in the Chillemi household was a whirlwind.  He woke me, I showered and hit the road.  Daddy was still up working, so he quickly made arrangements for the kids and tried to get some shut eye, while I was just starting to capture one of the most precious births to date.

hughen-birth-session_0014 (more…)

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Week Two

Today is the start of the second week of summer.  How can it be going by so fast?  We have been trying to make the most of it (on a shoestring budget, of course!), and it’s been a lot of fun.

Monkey had her second violin lesson tonight and she LOVES it.


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Maternity Photographer : H Family {Sneak Peek}

Alicia was sent to me from a friend (LOVE that!) and I am so glad she was.  Before we’d met she sent me all kinds of maternity pictures she liked, which was a great way for me to get an idea of what she was looking for.

Most of those pictures are too hot for a sneak peek (read: boudoir style), but I loved these just as much because the two of them were just oozing with love.  Little V is going to be a very lucky little boy!

hudnall-maternity_bw_0067 (more…)

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Stupid Stupids

As you all very well know, we are nickel and diming our way to being debt free. If money stuff makes you uncomfortable, you may want to skip this post.  Don’t worry – I’ll be chatting about, and showing off, cute kiddos soon enough. :)

Back to nickel and diming our way to being debt free: It’s a long process.  Not because we had an exorbitant amount of debt (we started with less than the national average) but simply because it’s a hard road.  It doesn’t help that we can’t 100% control the incoming debt due to my health issues. (more…)

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